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We Learn By Doing

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. – Benjamin Franklin

Beyond the Books

Better teaching never comes from a political mandate. It comes from the heart of prepared and caring teacher. – Robert John Meehan

prepared environments

The prepared environment provides children with a safe place to explore and develop their independence. Children’s independence is supported through the structure of the prepared environment, the Montessori materials, the curriculum areas and the guiding role of the educator.

  • Montessori Academy Australia


Vertical Age Groupings

We have several different options available for different age groups and spread across half day (with and without lunch) and full day plans. Have a look below at the breakdown and student to teacher ratios for the different age groups.

3-6 Year Old Learning Groups

(1 teacher to 12 children)


And after school tutoring options are also available for up to 14 years old.

Potty Training Group

from 1.5 years until potty trained (1 teacher to 6 children)

We have an option available for 3-days-a-week in the potty training groups

Extra Curricular Programs

Monthly school fees include one extra mural for each child, which is a weekly music class. Other extra murals are available and come to the school at the parents’ cost.
Have a look at the carefully selected extra murals that are available at the school:

Kidi Sportz


Little Actors

Dance Mouse